Who is Drone? Well, nothing to do with that small helicopters for sure! It’s my graffiti tag since I was reaaaly young. I am George Drone, 28 from Athens, Greece and I’m a creative multitasking individual who loves to experiment and explore the fields of art and not only. I am currently located and working hard in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and travel often to New York City and San Fransisco.

One day a teacher in school told me I’ll be the last person to do something with my life. I was drawing on a book instead of listening to her, I was listening to my heart. I’ve had 20 different type of jobs since I was 13 years old. It all started with graffiti around 14 and a year later I decided to become a tattoo artist. Writing my name on the walls didn’t complete me, I needed to get better in characters and took academic drawing lessons for a few years.
I used to work 14 hours night waiter shifts for $25 and took a detour. It was the moment that I had to choose life, I chose to study arts my way even if that meant I had to quit the University of Fine Arts that I hardly achieved to get into. A life of travelling the world and tattooing-painting for amazing humans was waiting on the corner.
I’ve been now doing modern tattoo art now for about 8 years out of which 6 were in 20 different countries of Europe and states of USA such as New York, California, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and more.
Without graffiti I wouldn’t be alive and do anything close to what I’ve achieved so far. I wouldn’t survive in the concrete jungle of my city first and then outside of it. One of the four elements of hip hop culture made me a music enthusiast and a record collector, a turntablist for fun and a street art lover afterwards.

I hope you enjoy my website…